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Third Molar Surgery

Third Molars are teeth that are present on both sides of the jaw. On the posterior side of three molars, it is one of three molars. The third molar is also called the wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth develop between the ages of 17 and 25. One wisdom tooth is present per quadrant of the mammalian dentition. The majority of individuals have all four wisdom teeth. In uncommon instances, individuals lack even a single wisdom tooth. During the maturation of wisdom teeth, it is possible for other teeth to become impacted. Therefore, it is extracted beforehand.

Third Molar Extraction Procedure

The extraction of wisdom teeth is conducted as an outpatient procedure. The patient does not require hospitalisation and can return home the same day. Before beginning a procedure, the patient is queried about his level of comfort with anaesthesia. There are three varieties of anaesthesia available: general anaesthesia, local anaesthesia, and sedation anaesthesia. The dentist makes a minor incision in the gum during surgery to expose the bone and teeth. The first stage is the removal of bone obstructing the tooth. If it is easier for the dentist to extract the tooth in parts, then the tooth is divided in half for extraction. The tooth is extracted, followed by detritus removal. The laceration is stitched, and a gauze is applied. We at Eva Care Dental Clinic can help you with all your dental concerns and tooth extraction in a comfortable environment. Book an appointment at the best dental clinic in Hinjewadi, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Wakad, Baner, Balewadi, Mhalunge, Maan, or Mharunji.

Third Molar Extraction Technique

The surgical procedure for third molar extraction consists of several phases.
These are the phases of anaesthesia.

  • Access flap
  • Bone excision.
  • The removal of teeth—odontology
  • Surgical suture

All the preceding phases are intended to circumvent complications such as
Anaesthesia prevents injury to the facial nerve and parotid gland.
Access flap, bone resection, and odontotomy prevent injury to the periodontium and lingual nerve of the second molar.
After surgery, sutures prevent infections in the periodontal second molars.

Third Molar Extraction Complications

Third-molar extraction is associated with complications, but these complications are not long-term but rather short-term. The incision may cause injury to adjacent teeth, jawbone, nerves, or sinuses, which is one of the most common complications of third molar or wisdom tooth removal.
After surgery, a wound may become infected due to bacteria or food particles trapped in the molars. In the event that the blood clot at the surgical incision site, also known as a socket, is lost, a painful dry socket and exposed bone may develop.

Third Molar Extraction Recovery

The extraction of third molars, or wisdom teeth, is the procedure with the fewest complications. And the resulting complications have a very brief duration. Therefore, rehabilitation is rapid. Typically, the gingival tissues require three to four weeks to fully recover. And the inner incision caused by bone extraction will require approximately six weeks to heal completely. Recovery time differs from person to person and depends on the care plan. If an infection occurs in the surgical incision, i.e., the socket, recovery time is lengthened. In the event of an infection, antibiotics are prescribed to promote a speedy recovery.
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